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  • Excited me: PUTAAAAAAIN
  • Angry me: putaaAAAAAIIIIN
  • Exasperated me: p'taaaain
  • Amazed me: Pu. Tain.
  • Discouraged me: Puuutain.

Cast Away on the Letter A: A Philemon Aventure | TOON Graphics ›


I’m very excited to see Philémon finally published in English. This is an absolute classic in French comics, one of the ones I grew up reading. It’s a poetic, fantastic, absurdist kind of story who kept pushing the limits of the comic medium, but also a fun all-ages book about exploring a world who obeys to its own logic. Buy it for your kids or for yourself, but I guarantee this is a must-read.

Sample pages : 1 2 3 4 and 5

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"You can’t punch me. I have a cat."

"You can’t punch me. I have a cat."


Calvin and Hobbes


Calvin and Hobbes

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True story.

Mwahaha. So cute!



Working for Exposure

…That was not the direction I was expecting this to go.

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Pages from Cages,by Dave McKean

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Some good tips about comic lettering from Nate Piekos of

Very good advice. (However, I still don’t know how you fight five flying foxes, it’s frustrating.)

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Lettre ouverte à ces messieurs-dames de l'IRCEC ›


Madame, Monsieur,

J’ai bien reçu votre petite lettre m’indiquant qu’à partir de janvier 2016, une cotisation de 8% de mes revenus serait prélevée au titre de ma retraite complémentaire obligatoire.
J’avoue avoir été légèrement étonné de cette décision, et du ton relativement bonhomme avec…

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